Podcast 16 – Lizzi Standing

This week’s podcast guest is none other than our very own Lizzi Standing!

Lizzi lives in the UK, and has travelled all over Europe on holiday and for toy photography meet-ups. During our conversation she shed light on some of the lessons she’s learned while on toy photo safaris, and gave some great tips for traveling with toys. So if you’ll be joining us in Oregon next week, you’ll definitely want to give this a listen!

Lizzi and I talked about a plethora of topics, like the challenges of a 365 project, our mutual excitement about the upcoming Harry Potter LEGO sets, how she got her start on Flickr, and more!

The Episode

You know the drill. Check out the podcast on your favorite podcast app, or give it a listen right here! Then join in on the conversation by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

LEGO Harry Potter Severus Snape minifigure and flowers by Lizzi S
Wake up and smell the flowers – by Lizzi S

You can read all of Lizzi’s fantastic blog posts here, and find her work on G+, Flickr, Instagram, and on her personal blog. And if you’re in the UK, make sure to reach out to her because she’s trying to unite the English toy photo community and plan a potential meetup!


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  1. I’m also going to Paris toy safari and I will have a friend with me who is not a toy photographer, she just wants to see Paris (and I didn’t want to go alone), so maybe your other half can go sightseeing with her 🙂 so he is not too bored with us 😀

  2. Great interview Lizzi and James. I loved it all and it was so nice to get more of a sense of you, Lizzi. Your Snape pictures always capture me and I’m glad to know you’re connecting with more and more UK toy photographers. #toyphotographerstakeovertheworld. Thank you both for such a great podcast and for making my commute to work this morning so entertaining. I almost missed my stop. 🙂

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