Hi, I’m Michal, based in Poland in Warsaw. During the day I’m working as a quality engineer and most of my free time I spend on lego photography. Everything I know about photography I learned by myself.

How long have you been a toy photographer and what attracts you to this hobby?

It started in 2015, I saw once some great photo scene with LEGO stormtrooper. I bought this minifigure and tried to do something on my own. Bringing life into plastic minifigures and creating your own world/story is something that I like and enjoy in this hobby.

Where do you get your best photography ideas?

Most of the time when I go through my Lego bricks to prepare some scene, I see other figures and some other ideas come up to my head, one by one, sometimes it’s too many so I write these down on my notebook.

Tell us your favorite photography environment (indoor or outdoor) and why it is the place where you like to create your best work.

Outdoor definitely, I love to spend time on taking photos surrounded by nature far from crowded places.

What kind of reaction are you looking for from your viewers?

Most of the time I really enjoy seeing that my photos cause some positive reaction. But I also  like to see when people are puzzled with my work.

There are a lot of toys out there to choose from to photograph. What is your favorite toy line and why?

It’s obvious, LEGO ! For me it’s an endless creativity. It was my favourite toy line when I was a child. But I also like action figures, maybe in the near future I will try to take some photos with these toys.

Who are your greatest influences – toy photographers or otherwise?

I would say there are many. Most of the accounts I follow on Instagram are related to toy photography, and the whole community is a great source of inspiration for me.

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