Hello fellow Toy Photographers!

We love our fellow toy photographers and would like to inspire others to join us in this fun hobby. To meet this goal we enjoy featuring a variety of photographers as part of our Feature Friday series. These features are a combination of a blog post on the site as well as being featured on our various social media channels and email newsletter.

These features are by invite only and we appreciate that you have agreed to be a part of this series. If you have gotten a link to this page please email the corresponding answers to the ToyPhotographers.com team member who reached out to you along with the photos.

We ask that you look over the list of questions below and choose your favorites five to ten to answer. In addition to your answers please send over a few photos that we can add to your post. We will need at least five photos, one of them a strong horizontal that we can use for the lead image of the post and as our social media image. Please choose images that you love, that you’re proud of or that you mention in your answer.

If you have any questions about the process please reach out to the team member who originally solicited you, email us at mail@toyphotographers.com or contact Shelly Corbett at sjcorbett@mac.com or via social media.

Basic Info:

Instagram handle
MeWe profile (if you have one)


  1. Tell us about yourself (optional). What’s your day job, country of origin, languages you speak, background in photography.
  2. How long have you been a toy photographer and what attracts you to this hobby?
  3. Where do you get your best photography ideas?
  4. Tell us about your process in creating images from original thought to final photo image.
  5. What photography editing software do you commonly use in your image creation and how does it help you express your ideas?
  6. What is your current equipment set-up and why is it your favorite?
  7. Do you have a ‘high-end’ and ‘low-end’ set of gear for your photography?
  8. Tell us about your favorite photography environment (indoor or outdoor) and how it helps you create your photos.
  9. What are the essential tools in your toy photography arsenal? Do you use any tools that would surprise us?
  10. What kind of reaction are you looking for from your viewers? –
  11. Do you have a piece of treasured feedback or experience you would like to share?
  12. Toy photography can present some unique challenges. Tell us about some of your more memorable ones and how you have overcome them.
  13. There are a lot of toys out there to choose from to photograph. What attracts you to the subjects you photograph?
  14. Who are your greatest influences ? This could be other toy photographers or artists outside of the community.
  15. Your work is fantastic but everyone has to start somewhere! If you could go back in time what piece of information about toy photography would you share with your younger self?
  16. What tips would you like to share with a beginning toy photographer?
  17. How do you use creativity in your life? What benefits do you see that you think others should know about?
  18. What are your next steps as an artist and toy photographer?
  19. What would you like to share about your photography or creative process that we haven’t already asked?