This is not a six image narrative. And that’s exactly the point because in addition to telling a story, I would like to demonstrate something that‘s unique to narratives, and quite fascinating: Narratives let us control time. We can slow it down, speed it up, slice it into pieces, reverse its direction.

We can show the passage of years in just two pictures. Or we can use a handful of images to tell a story that unfolds in just a couple of seconds.

When I discussed this with Shelly Corbett a while ago, I tried to give an example for the latter: Someone throwing a punch in a boxing match, which is a very short action but can be described at length, or using a couple of pictures. And Shelly said, does it always have to be about fighting? How about the first kiss?

I liked the idea and asked if this was a challenge, to which she replied, yes, indeed it was, and I would have to use Gamora, wouldn‘t I?

So here we go! Although in my experience, while the punch really does not take more than mere seconds (as witnessed in a British pub), the first kiss … well … That’s why this had to be a nine image narrative.