After Grogu ventured around the galaxy in The Adventures of Grogu: Part 1, Luke Skywalker took him to the purest planet in all of the galaxy with a little-known group of Jedi: Leo, Charlie, and Juno. These Jedi call the planet of Doggo home and they are the most loyal and happy creatures in the universe. They also really, really love food, walks, and naps. Here’s Grogu in training with the Jedi dogs.

Jedi Leo and Juno take a cheeseburger break and make Grogu unwrap the cheeseburgers. None of them have thumbs, so this makes sense.
Working on those Jedi skills in the woods with Jedi Charlie.
Jedi Charlie teaches Grogu how to chop wood using the Force.
More practice in the Jedi temple with Jedi Juno.
Jedi Leo teaches Grogu how to focus.
Grogu hitching a ride on Jedi Charlie.
And after a long day of training, the oh so important nap time.