Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is back in the theatres this week with The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Batman toy pics in order to set the stage and ask: Who is your favorite Batman? Answer in the comments below and also make sure to tag your Batman toy pics with #toyphotoblog, so we can add them to this post.

(Top photo by Oliver Peterson / @oliversees)

Batman Over the Years

Lewis Wilson – 1943

Robert Lowery – 1949

Adam West – 1966-1968

Michael Keaton – 1989

Val Kilmer  – 1985

George Clooney  – 1997

Christian Bale – 2005, 2008, 2012

Ben Affleck – 2016, 2017

Will Arnett – 2017

Photo by @Those_Wonderful_Toys

Photo by @equalmotion

Batman Last Knight on Earth scene with McFarlane Toys action figure by Oliver Peterson @oliversees

Photo by Oliver Peterson / @oliversees

Photo by @Those_Wonderful_Toys