Reader: This guy with another Spider-Man LEGO set review? 

Me: Sorry friends my mom bought me this for Christmas. My mom knows I love LEGOs and Spider-Man, so it is a fitting gift and getting a LEGO set is pretty much a tradition for me at this point as I approach the age of 40. 

But I digress. This LEGO set is pretty sweet for $15.99.  You get a Spider-Man, Carnage, Ghost Rider minifigure, and a pretty badass car. This set is 212 pieces and was a lot of fun to build and take photos of. 

The LEGO Mini Figures 

It is just a standard Spider-Man. For normal people who do not have so many Spider-Man LEGO sets like me, this is exciting. For me, I will be gifting this one to one of my little cousins to retain my best uncle ever status. 

Ghost Rider

This is a pretty cool minifigure and seems to be closer to the Ghost Rider portrayed in Agents of Shield. I am a fan. 


Great minifigure for future Spider-Man battles.  

The Car

I really like this car. The engine coming out of the hood, bigger wheels in the back, and the option to add the flames or not have the flames was a great look by LEGO here.



This is a really fun LEGO set that has some great minifigures and a very cool car with some upgrades. For the price point, I would highly recommend it. Also, if you happen to have a motorcycle lying around you can create some other fun scenes with Ghost Rider.