For this Six Image Narrative I was inspired by the #spacecowboysaturday on Instagram. You don’t know what this is? Maybe you noticed the space cowboys and had no idea what they are up to? Well, it all started five years ago with a single photo from Thomas Lundström which Stefan M. (@herrsm, @a_toyphotographer) replied with this hashtag. Soon the hashtag took on a life of its own! Every Saturday I look forward to seeing what many other people will contribute to the tag. #Spacecowbodysaturday is a long running tag that people simply have fun contributing too. Definitely check out the hashtag on Instagram to see many really cool and clever pictures.

For my series I decided to explore other space people. What would they ride, who or what will keep them company and what sort of shenanigans will they get up to? Right now they’re all traveling, so let’s see where they take us.