I dabble in martial arts, practice tai chi daily, own nunchakus and love all things kung fu. With that said, it should be no surprise that I’m a fan of Marvel’s Shang-Chi. I got Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 6-inch Shang-Chi action figure from Entertainment Earth over a year ago and did a review you can see below. Then, due to the new movie coming out soon, I got the updated version for the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings MCU film from Big Bad Toy Store, and also got the Shang Chi LEGO polybag. I now realize I am quite a fan of Shang-Chi and hope the new movie lives up to all my childhood memories of the character. Take a look at some of the media I created below.

Hasbro Legends Shang-Chi 2020 VS 2021 Version

I really like the new Marvel Legends body and made a comparison shot below.

I figured long-term, this will be the Shang-Chi that I capture photos of going forward.

Shang-Chi LEGO Polybag

There are multiple Shang-Chi LEGO sets, like the Battle at the Ancient Village​, but I really just wanted the minifigure since space is filling up in my Seattle apartment. This minifigure and dragon are currently occupying the limited space on my desk and that means I like it quite a bit. I also recently made a short, stop-motion animation with the set you can see below.

2020 Hasbro Legends Shang-Chi Legends Review

The action figure is highly posable, which makes for some amazing flying kick photos.

And he comes with multiple hands—10 in total—to further increase your posing options.

Also, this toy make me feel really guilty about my lack of abs.

Shang-Chi inspires me to work on my nunchucks. (I really own a set and I’m not good at them at all).

Did I mention the articulation is great for flying kicks?

More about Shang-Chi, kung fu master

A renowned criminal mastermind sired a child and raised him as heir to an insidious secret society. He named the child Shang-Chi, the “rising and advancing of the spirit.” In a hidden, ancient fortress in China, the boy became adept at a multitude of martial arts and philosophical disciplines, completely unaware of his father’s evil pursuits.

As a young man, Shang-Chi found himself tasked by the society to assassinate an old enemy of his father’s, but during the mission he came into contact with a venerable British secret agent named Smith. The man illuminated the society’s global criminal activities and in doing so set Shang-Chi on a path to declare war on his own father and everything he stood for.

Shang-Chi’s training instilled not only wisdom in him, but also forged him into a living weapon, a martial arts master without peer in the world. Though proficient in all forms of fighting, he’s become known for his focus on kung fu and his preference to eschew weapons for bare-handed battle. Despite this, Shang-Chi has the masterful ability with swords, staves, nunchaku and shurikens. Learn More Here

If you want more Shang-Chi in your life, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hit theatres September 3.