When it was announced in 2019 that Kevin Smith (writer-director of Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma) was going to be the executive producer of a new He-Man cartoon on Netflix, I started thinking about picking up a He-Man action figure to capture some photos. I wanted to at least get both He-Man and Skeletor for more photo possibilities, but I have such little space in my Seattle apartment. I searched this site to see what others had photographed and stumbled across A Look at Mega Construx “Castle Grayskull” by James Gibbs. From there, I found the Mega Construx Heroes Battle of Eternia Collection that included He-Man, Skeleton, Beast Man, Faker, and Teela, so I ended up buying the two figures I wanted and a couple of bonus figures for even more photos.

The cool thing about capturing photos of these or LEGO minifigures is that it’s sometimes easier to create scenes with a tablet as a background, a bit of smoke, a few rocks from outside and light from a couple Lume Cubes on my kitchen counter. And that is exactly what I did with the photos below in celebration of Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘s upcoming global premiere on July 23.

“Evil can often look attractive. That’s why we must be careful. You’re not the first to be fooled.” – He-Man
There were always some words of wisdom at the end of the 1980s cartoon series. In the new series will they have those outro scenes where they try and teach you a life lesson? We’ll find out July 23.
“I must possess all, or I possess nothing.” – Skeletor
After rewatching the classic 1980s cartoon, I have come to the conclusion that this dude was one of the most selfish super villains ever.
“Hmm, don’t worry. I’ll see that they’ll get what’s coming to them in an Eternian court of law.” – Teela
Teela and He-Man were law-abiding heroes with a belief in the justice system.
Will we see the Eternian court system in the new series? Will the cartoon just be like Law & Order, but where everyone is wearing very minimal clothing?
“Yes, we’ll win this game the old-fashioned way, the tried and true way—we’ll cheat!” – Skeletor and Beast Man
At least they were honest with themselves in the original cartoon.
He-Man vs. Faker aka evil He-Man
You know this cartoon had a toy line because some of the characters were very similar, making it possible to just use the same mold and change the colors.
He-Man vs. Skeletor
Will He-Man finally defeat Skeletor? Or will Skeletor finally enter Castle Grayskull and get everything he wants? Hopefully, Kevin Smith has some answers for us in the new series.

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