Do you ever wish to go to Hogwarts like a normal wizard? Me too. I got a chance to attend a few classes via LEGO, so I thought I would share my experiences.

Set 76382 – Transfiguration Class

First I went to transfiguration. It’s in a really lovely classroom, full of warm colors and things to transfigure! Though Ron was not too happy when Hermione wanted to use his rat Scabbers.

Set 76383 – Potions Class

Then I went to potions. Snape was as stern as usual. His classroom contains vials and strange fluids and things for brewing anything you can imagine. He also has a gem hidden behind a wall for some reason.

Set 76384 – Herbology Class

I was not really looking forward to herbology, but I went anyway. And I found out that it’s incredible, and there are so many stories hidden in those greenhouses! We learned about mandrakes. They are not a happy plant at this stage.

Set 76385 – Charms Class

My last class was charms. Very simple classroom, full of books. And feathers, since we were learning Wingardium Leviosa. Remember, it’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not Leviosaaaa! This could save your life one day!

I really like how well equipped the classrooms are, so when my letter finally arrives officially, I will definitely go there! What about you?

I would like to thank LEGO for providing these sets for this review. My opinion is not affected by this fact, but, nevertheless, it is fully clouded by my love for the Harry Potter world.