At our first Toy Photographers Virtual Meet-Up of the year, we challenged participants to collaborate in teams to create a six-image narrative based on a short prompt. Today’s narrative was based on the prompt “Couples.” The team of three includes: Chiara (@skizzoph), Haroon (@icefire018), and Maëlick (@maelickinthenorth).

Disco Dance-Off
Under the Sea
Going to the Ball
Boating Adventure
Creative Differences
Movie Night

About the collaboration

We brainstormed for ideas using an IG group conversation and quickly came up with the idea of unlikely couples that contrast with each other. We ended up settling on Batman and Joker as we had multiple figures of them.

We took pictures of their ordinary life, imagining that they are living together. Even though we used the same couple in the photos, the photos show they are different but also have things in common, like all couples.

In order to give a more uniform look to the six images, we went for a more minimalistic approach using a colored background. Overall, it was very inspiring to share the creative process together.

~ Chiara (@skizzoph), Haroon (@icefire018) and Maëlick (@maelickinthenorth)