This LEGO food photo series was inspired by the “food porn” genre of photography we see so heavily on platforms like Instagram and in stock photography. My day job as a graphic designer and marketer means I spend a lot of time looking at these kinds of photos. Perhaps that’s partly why I was attracted to that particular creative outlet.

What inspired me to try it with LEGO toy props was actually the figandlight YouTube channel, run by food and still life photographer Brandon Figueroa. I love his channel—his explanations and demonstrations of lighting techniques and the principles of light are not only super informative, but taught in a way that’s easy to understand. He uses food in most of his photos, so when I decided to put his teachings into action, I was curious to see if I could accomplish the exact same look and feel, but on a much smaller scale. Funny enough, the photos apparently looked authentic enough for Flickr, because now I’m seeing lots of ads for food!

Thanks to Shelly for recommending I add this LEGO food series to the blog as a six-image narrative!