Circuit Boards as Backgrounds

The environments we set up for our toy shoots are part of the storytelling. It adds another layer to the story. Most times, I try to find the fastest and simplest way possible to create these environments, and that would mean using objects like shopping paper wrap for caves, a big rock as a treacherous mountaintop or cement powder as the moon’s surface together with some tiny stones.

When Shelly asked that I do a six-image narrative with circuit boards, I had to think in reverse. Rather than coming up with a story and then create the environment, the environment created the story ideas.

I only had two small boards to work with when I got the message from Shelly. Not enough for some of the wider shots I wanted. So, I went on to dismantle my Xbox, which was no longer working, to get to the parts. At one point, I thought of dismantling my iMac, too—which is still working but starting to fail—I will leave that for another day!


  1. These are wonderful Sunny! My favorites are the “Debugging” and the “Blue Screen of Death” 🙂 I’m amazed at your creativity with circuit boards! My husband is a circuit board designer, so I showed him your photos… he loved them!


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