I had the idea for a Rotten Tomatoes Six-Image Narrative a while back and set aside some medium-sized tomatoes from the market. They sat there and sat there, and slowly started to go bad. These weren’t organic so it was surprising how long they took to spoil—which is definitely odd all by itself.

HO scale international SWAT team approaching the rotten tomatoes.
HO scale photographers taking pictures of rotten tomatoes.
HO scale HAZMAT operators inspecting the rotten tomatoes.
HO scale survey team measuring the rotten tomatoes
HO scale workers harvesting rotten tomato juice
HO scale climbers summiting Mt. Tomato

Behind the scenes

This was a pretty simple setup. Primary light source was from an OttLight work lamp, plus some fill from the overhead room light (daylight CFL). Camera for the photos is a Panasonic DMC-GX85 with a 30mm Panasonic Lumix G Macro ƒ 2.8. The E6000 glue works well to temporarily hold the tiny HO figures in place.

Behind the scenes with rotten tomatoes, HO scale figures and Panasonic M4:3 camera.
Rotten tomatoes
These sat for nearly two months to get to this state – ewww.

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