Snake Eyes Epic Action Figure Photography

Snake Eyes is arguably the most popular GI Joe and one of the most popular ninjas EVER in my humble ninja loving opinion. Once the new action figures, comic books and movie details started getting leaked and released I took to looking through the internet for some of the best content you can find below that wwe will keep updating as time goes on.

Snake Eyes Saturday

Oliver let me know about some amazing photographers capturing the new 6-inch Snake Eyes action figure and connected me with Scott Bline who started the hash tag #SnakeEyesSaturday.

“I grew up with GI Joe in the 80s, particularly the cartoon, and Snake Eyes was always the baddest Joe of them all,” Scott said. “He was a ninja, was super mysterious, and was the one you sent in when things became desperate. The comics reinforced that, and any child of the 80s knows that ninjas were the coolest. We had so many ninja movies back then. But, if you’re asking why I love THIS figure, it’s an amazing figure to work with. The articulation is great, it moves extremely well, and it photographs so nicely under all lighting conditions.”

“The hashtag was sort of me goofing around one Saturday. Really all I did was concatenate two words together. The response from the community was what turned it into a success. Within a week, there were maybe 10 of us that used it, and the support from feature pages such as @gijoe_nation, @sixinchjoes, and @one12community helped it take off. Shout out to the Nation admins, Matt, and Dakota for turning this into a thing. Honestly, I think the tag’s success is more to do with people loving both the character and this figure.”

If you need a dose of photography or ninja inspiration this is the hash tag to scroll through and we featured a couple other epic photos below.

Motorcycle take down by @un1cornwarrior
Snake Eyes in the woods by @Diamond_figures
Snake Eyes fighting COVID by @equalmotion

A Look Back At Snake Eyes Action Figures

Perhaps the most recognizable character from G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes has been one of my top five favorite characters since I was a kid. As of late there has been a decent amount of hype around the mute ninja, ranging from the new Snake Eyes movie set for release in 2020, a new comic book and, of course, the just-announced 6-inch G.I. Joe Classified Series action figure from Hasbro.

I already have the 3.75” G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes figure. I am was excited to get this larger, more detailed version to photograph before the Snake Eyes movie hits the big screen around October of this year (hopefully). 

This new 6-inch Snake Eyes release from Hasbro is a big one for a lot of toy photographers who have long dreamed of seeing G.I. Joe go to the 6-inch scale, as Star Wars figures did with the advent of Hasbro’s Star Wars the Black Series. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself and had to preorder the deluxe figure and the standard one as soon as it was announced at this year’s Toy Fair. Now that the action figure has arrived I started getting to capturing photos.

The triumphant return of G.I. Joe begins on Hasbro Pulse with their special edition Snake Eyes figure—the first time the character has been produced in 6-inch scale. This deluxe version of the figure also comes with multiple ninja accessories and an exclusive Arashikage clan gear storage rack. A standard version will be available later with the full first wave of the G.I. Joe Classified Series (also including Scarlett, Duke and Roadblock).

Support The Toy Photographers website by purchasing via Entertainment Earth and the affiliate links like this: G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch Snake Eyes Action Figure

Hasbro also has a bunch of really exciting GI Joe release coming and you can view all of those available for pre order on Entertainment Earth.

Snake Eyes The Movie

The Snake Eyes film features actor Henry Golding (of Crazy Rich Asians) in the title role. It’s said to be an origin story that takes place before the previous two G.I. Joe movies.  

G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch Snake Eyes Action Figure

Snake Eyes The Comic Book

Rob Liefeld the creator of Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, Domino and more has been working on a new Snake Eyes comic book. As a long time Deadpool fan and owner of the first 40 X-Force comic books, I could not be more excited for Liefeld to take on this character.

“Finally, I can share all that I’ve been drawing these last few months. Growing up, #GIJoe were the heroes of my sandbox, the champions of my shelves. These are the toys that made so many of us! Looking to restore the franchise to its former glory!” Liefeld wrote on Instagram in a caption for the above image. He also noted in the comments of his Instagram post that Snake Eyes did influence Deadpool, which is pretty neat.

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