A while ago I was browsing all the options at the LEGO store, and I noticed something intriguing. I had an idea, and I had the strongest desire to see if I was correct. So I ordered a Technic BMW Motorcycle, and a Boba Fett buildable figure.

I really didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. It is all Obi Wan Kenobi’s fault.

Long Way Round

I am not a huge fan of motorbikes, however I am a huge fan of the BBC show Long Way Round. In that show Ewan McGregor (who played Obi Wan Kenobi in the sequel trilogy), and his best mate Charlie Boorman, ride motorbikes from London, England to New York City… going east.

Yep, they drive around the world on motorbikes. I find the show spikes my wanderlust, and every time I watch it I end up planning a road trip. So when I saw that a LEGO BMW motorcycle that is close to (tho not exactly like) the bikes Ewan and Charlie ride, I wanted one.

However, being a toy photographer, I also justified my purchase by saying I could take photos of it.

The problem tho is that bikes cannot ride themselves. They require a visible rider to be in plausible motion. One can get away with a car not having a visible driver, as it is not uncommon for car windows to occlude the driver. Bikes are not so lucky.

I wanted shots of the bike in motion. So I needed something to ride it. Obviously too large for a minifig, in fact its too big for a 6″ action figure. However it is also way to small for a 12″ action figure.


Enter The Fett

This is when I noticed that the buildable figures may be the right size to be a plausible bike rider. So I went shopping for a buildable figure and settled on Boba Fett.

Why Boba? Glad you asked. First of all he’s a bad-ass bounty hunter, so has the persona of a stereotypical biker type. Secondly of the options currently available, he is the only one with a helmet. Safety first!

Boba Fetts helmet, both a bad-ass disguise, and excellent bike safety gear.
Fetts helmet: both a plausible disguise and plausible bike safety gear.

Does it work?

Short answer: Yes.

The buildable figures are perfectly sized to ride the Technic BMW bike. It does require one to remove a piece from the handlebars so the hand attaches, but it works, and it works well.

I have proof.

Boba Fett riding the BMW R1200 on an epic road trip.

Pro tip: remember to bring the extra handlebar pieces with you before you drive 90 minutes away from your house to take photos.


I am super pleased with the results of this experiment. Not only do I get a really awesome bike model that will help spike my desire to travel for years to come, I also get a kick ass bounty hunter to ride it.

I would call this a huge success.


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