After last years Kinder Surprise disappointments, I wasn’t going to get anymore to photograph.

However I couldn’t resist buying some when they were on offer last week. They were too tempting and I really wanted to get some of the little minions they contained! Plus, you know, chocolate!

This years toys were actually a lot better than last years. There were a few duff ones (that motorbike!) but actually, for a cheap toy, the minions actually had quite a bit of detail on them. Sadly none of the toys were poseable at all, but for what they are, I didn’t think they photographed too badly! Let’s take a look at them now.

Toy dolphin in flowers

Chippy the dolphin, exploring the bluebell waters.

Toy summer dressed minion

Sunshine in April? It must be time for a summer holiday wear then!

Toy motocycle in a tree

Crash landing, or ultimate landing spot? This motorcycle enjoys its parking spot regardless.

Toy fox

What does the fox say? At least, I think it’s a fox.

Minion on a bike.

Are we back in Paris? This little cycling minion seems to think so!

The big one

As well as buying a bunch of regular kinder surprise eggs, I also got hold of one of the giant ones. Mostly because I wanted to see how a big kinder egg was made (spoiler: it’s almost identical to a regular one) but also because I wanted to see if they bigger toy was any better than the ones in the little eggs.

Big Kinder Surprise in a tree

A really big Kinder Surprise, left in the tree, just for me.

I shouldn’t have bothered really. I got one of the minion branded eggs, which meant I got another minion. He’s kind of cool, and the concept is a good one, but the lack of printing on the shiny red plastic Chinese dragon made him really hard to photograph. I would have loved some more colours on this model to make it just a bit more interesting to photograph.

Happy Minion dressed in a dragon costume.

Bonus Easter toy

It wasn’t just Kinder Surprise on my Easter chocolate toy buying spree this year. I also took a look at a Cadbury’s Freddo treasure chest. In this I got the following cute model. He was actually quite fun to photograph, but has no printing on the back, so it’s just a forward facing toy in photos!

What a poser!

Overall, despite saying last year that I wasn’t going to get more Kinder Surprise toys, I do kind of like the challenge of photographing such a random selection where you really don’t know what you are going to get. I do think this years are much better than the ones I got last year, and the minions really are rather cute!

Did you get any toys in your Easter eggs this year? Will you be taking photos of them, or consigning them to the bin? Let me know in the comments!

  • Lizzi

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