This was the first year I really paid attention and participated in the #Jantmanuary fun, and it was a great experience. There were 1,244 posts in #jantmanuary_2019 as I write this blog. The variety of photos is fantastic, and it’s a subject that really lets the photographer’s imagination shine. Between the figure they select to shoot, and the situation they put him in, you can really see the personality and humor come through. I loved that part of it, along with the camaraderie that came from sharing each other’s posts and seeing them spotlighted on the main @jantmanuary account.

Top-Liked Photos

When I browse Instagram for the top photos in the hashtag, here are the ones with the most likes:

#jantmanuary 2019 Contest Winners

The following winners were selected via random drawing after the month was over.

$50 Winner – @demarcation_media

Zee had so many “around the house” shots with Ant-Man that I loved. Here’s one favorite (of many):

$25 Winner – @actionfiguren00b

Bryan was an inspiration to me, posting a pic ALL 31 DAYS! Truly, he and Ant-Man make a great team.

$25 Winner – @guhrizzlytoys

@guhrizzlytoys kept me laughing all month with his rough-around-the-edges retro Eric O’Grady Ant-Man and comic book style pics (fair warning: O’Grady is a cussing SOB).

#jantmanuary Themed Contest Winners

The #jantmanuary_gotballs winner was @piercedcory. Winning photo selected by @wikitoybox who provided the #mylilshietz prize package.

The #jantmanuary_bigtasty winner was @timbeseen. Winning photo selected by @krash_override, one of the brilliant guys behind @jANTMANuary.

The #jantmanuary_irreMEMEable winner was @thegreyklerik. Winning photo selected by @guhrizzlytoys who provided the Irredeemable AntMan #1 comic book prize.

So Now You Know…

Now you know the winners, and now you know to mark your calendars for January 2020. I can only imagine what fun the @jANTMANuary guys will come up with next!

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