Happy Valentine’s Day fellow toy photographers!

Whether you are a true believer in love and adore Valentine’s Day, or whether, like me, you can’t stand the commercialisation of it, it’s always good to share your love and appreciation and what better day to do that than today?

A little love and appreciation for all you do

This is my Valentine’s Day list of thanks to my partner, who has put up with a lot over the years of my toy photography. It’s a little tongue in cheek, but hopefully relatable to others out there!

Thank you for putting up with my toy photography ways. Even when you roll your eyes and sigh.

Thank you for always stopping and watching me take photos in really random places. Even in the rain.

Thank you for holding the light reflector/torch/other random accessory. And for not throwing it in the river when you get annoyed.

LEGO figures taking photos of toy dinosaur

Reflector holding is a key appreciated task for the toy photographer’s partner.

Thank you for venturing out on toy safari, even when you have no interest in it.

Thank you for sitting through endless sessions of ‘do you like version A or B better?’

Thank you for always holding or watching the bags.

Toy photographers always appreciate a bag holder.

Toy photographers always appreciate a bag holder.

Thank you for letting me bring endless toys into the house and rarely questioning it.

Thank you for defending me from the tourists and other crazy people.

Thank you for supporting this crazy hobby of mine.

A little more love and support

I put this question out on social media a week or so ago: ‘Whats the weirdest (or nicest) thing a loved one has done for your toy photography?’

I got a few responses and thought I would share some of my favourites!

He bought himself a little folding chair to take on hikes, so when I get lost in setting up a photo he always has a chair to sit on and be comfortable. – Shelly

Last year for our anniversary, my husband and I went to a national park and hiked around together for 3-4 days. But the best part was that he gave me all the time I wanted to set up a scene and take toy photos… – Teddi

Stand in the way of things so I can get a photo before tourists get in the way! – intrepidemmit

Driving up to and around Scotland [for the toy safari there]. – Chris Rose

My girlfriend is always willing to take a look at my pictures and give me some feedback. – je_toyphotography

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful stories of your loved ones helping out with your photography! If anyone has any other stories to share, please leave them in the comments!

And a thank you to you too

And whilst we are on the subject of appreciation, how could we not stop and say thank you to all our readers? You keep us writing and photographing and talking. So from all of us at Toy Photographers, thank you. We really kind of adore you all.

LEGO spacemen in love

From me, to you. Valentine’s Day love and appreciation.

If you want to show a little appreciation back, why not buy a copy of our yearly fundraiser – The Toy Photographers Yearbook! It helps us keep the blog going, and will look great on your shelf!

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