Podcast 36 – “Fear” and Advice for Photo Projects

And we’re back! Thank you for bearing with me for the last few weeks as I’ve been sick. I’m itching to get back into recording the podcast, and am excited to have recorded another one of our themed episodes with Kristina.

In addition to discussing our interpretations of the Fear theme and looking at guest submissions, we also touched on where the Toy Photographers community is going next now that Google+ has been slated for shutdown. I encourage you to check out our new communities on Flickr and MeWe. I also asked Kristina a bit of advice for when it comes to working on (and finishing) photography projects.

The podcast is available now at all of the usual places, and you can check out our Fear photos below!

My Image

Fear Itself

Kristina’s Image

Listener Submissions

Thanks again to all of our listeners who sent in their own Fear interpretations! Here are the two photos we were able to discuss on this episode. You can check out the others over on Instagram.

“Face your Fears” by @spideygoeshygge
“I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of what’s in the dark” by @LJToyPhotography

This Month’s Theme

Our theme for this month is Portraits! If you’d like to participate, tag your photos #tp_portraits and tag both myself (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson).

Thanks for listening! Soon we’ll be recording my own podcast interview, so if you have any questions you’d like submitted, please leave them in the comments below, alongside your own thoughts on Fear as a theme in photography.


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  1. Astrid

    Thank you James and Kristina for this great podcast. It was so interesting to listen to your talk about fear and how to print that in photos. And I’m really excited about the pictures I’ve seen and the way you think about it. So inspiring 🙏🏻🙋🏼

  2. Janan Lee

    Thanks Kristina and James for your kind words on my submission. (I love the wikipedia info bit as well!) Glad you’re feeling better James – your voice filled the airwaves on my drive to work. Haha!
    It’s always interesting to hear the insights the both of you have on each others’ image as I always get intrigued by images with secondary or more meanings behind them.

    Nice work on the silhouette Luke!

    I’m thinking of ideas for the portraits theme and might post them on MeWe – Instagram’s crop for portraits can be annoying!

    • Kristina Alexanderson

      Thank you Janan, yes I agree that the “James_Wikipedia-article” is always so interesting and fun. The wikipedia-James is one of my favourite part, and it was fun that your picture tried that this time! I loved you picture so amazing and well done. It’s an honour that you take part in the theme and gives us respons /Thank you!

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