My Own Dove

We met last summer. I was amazed by your grace.
I saw you riding the wind around and building your home.
Thanks to your curiosity, we become real friends.
You even showed me your nestlings.
One day you were gone and never came back. I waited days and weeks for your return; but never saw you again.
Yesterday your younglings came to my balcony. I saw the same grace and curiosity; I saw you in their eyes.

My Own Dove

~ a six image narrative by Yuri Badiner

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  1. Ive already said this in our email exchange about this series – but I will say it again…Yuri you are a poet at heart. Your work never ceases to surprise and move me. That fifth image is so poignant…seriously who knew a broken brick could make me tear up? Thank, as always, for sharing you work with the community.

  2. WOW! Wowowowow! Fantastic series as always, Yuri. I love how you can take such a simple concept and make it so poignant and moving. You’ve inspired me to look at my own LEGO bricks a bit differently now. I tend to just use them as building materials, but love that you were able to turn them into actual creatures that I cared deeply about.

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