Hunting techniques

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. –ย Confucius

Hunting techniques – a six image narrative

by Marco – The Aphol


  1. Marco what I love about this series its subtlety. I love how the cat changes as he progresses up the tree. The first time I saw this series it took me a minute to register what happens in the last frame. This is a masterful series my friend. Well done!!!

  2. Love this narrative, and the understated storytelling. Having so much of the frame filled with the peaceful scenery is beautiful, like watching wild animals in the forest. The splash at the end is perfect.

    I’m curious, though (if you don’t mind me asking): are there two cat figures? One leaping and one standing? Or did you use Photoshop magic to produce the two shots where the cat looks different (climbing and leaping)? Either way, very well done and thoroughly enjoyable!

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