World Refugee Day

June 20th is World Refugee Day. There are 68 million people forcibly displaced around the world. We may call them by different names – boat people, refugees, illegals – but they are all humans and all in need of our understanding and compassion. I hope one day we can find the courage to show them the kindness they deserve.

Standing Proud

May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia but it is important to fight bigotry all year round. Dedicated to my LGBTIQ friends, followers and communities everywhere.

You Are Not Alone

On a recent Instagram weekend project they asked users to reflect on our traditions during the holiday season. While many are celebrating, for some it is a painful reminder of family, friends and loved ones no longer with them. It can also be a difficult time for those feeling overwhelmed by life and those most vulnerable. If you know anyone who could be struggling during the holidays, please consider reaching out and showing them they are loved and not alone.

Courage Under Fire

To the students and survivors being trolled and targeted for speaking out against gun violence: Your courage is far greater, your voices far louder, and your will far stronger than all those adults resisting a safer world. You are our heroes, our leaders and our future, and we have your back.

Read My Lips

Blaming sexual harassment and assault on a woman’s behavior or dress is not okay. Blaming women who wait to come forward about sexual assault is not okay. We all need to be brave enough to stop blaming victims, and to realise that the shame of sexual assault never belongs to survivors, but solely to the perpetrators and the system that enables their crimes.

Self Portrait

Why is it people feel they must portray only the perfect moments on their social feed? A friend told me today that these carefully curated, pictures can influence others into believing how imperfect their own life is. So here is my response. Your life is already perfect. You don’t need anyone else or their Insta-World to validate it for you.

When Play Becomes Protest

~ a six image narrative by Legojacker.


The six images I chose for this piece show how you can use toys to reflect important concerns and issues of our 21st century world. These are the issues I am passionate about. This what matters to me. I think when you use an approach to art that is playful, human and vulnerable it allows you to connect with people all around the world. ~ Legojacker