As we slip into July, it’s time to look back at the June G+ Community photo challenge devised by Julie Blair, “animals”!

This month we want to feature our loyal companions in our toy photography. Animals teach us empathy, joy, heartache, and love. Throughout the month of June, please share your best 3 images that convey your thoughts on how animals have made an impact on your life.

If you’d like to share your posts on IG, please use the tag: #toy_photographers_animals.
So get out all of those cute animal figures, we’re excited to see your entries!

The winners

We were completely unable to make up our minds this month and ended up with a tie between Jason Nvrmore and Tobias M. Schiel! Rather than make Jason and Tobias have a fight-off, they’ll be sharing the honour of being our G+ community banner!

Tobias M. Schiel – No 3

One of a series of 3 photos by Tobias featuring our favourite robot K-2SO and his pet cat, the simplicity, posing and composition made us all smile.

Jason Nvrmore – Forever Friend

Our other winner is this photo by Jason Nvrmore. It’s equal measures creepy and beautiful and has fabulous soft tones that just draw you in.

Runners up

Janan Lee – Hedgehog

The softness and light really made this spiky hedgehog appeal to us.

Doug Gary – Obsessed by a fairy tale

Doug’s beautiful photo of a teddy bear made us all stop and pause for a moment. Paired with this quote, it’s a powerful image.

“Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.” —Eugene O’Neill

The best of the rest

These photos were also put forward by our team of moderators as being awesome! Check them out!

The moderators

We would be nowhere if it wasn’t for our G+ moderators keeping the community going! Here are some of their animal themed shots from June!

July challenge

And now it’s time for the G+ Toy Photographers Community challenge for July.

One Toy to rule them all,
One Toy to find them,
One Toy to bring them all
and in the camera bind them.
The One. Favourite toy!


Even if  you don’t have it, please play with us and pick one. It can be that one toy of the toys, but also toy of the year or even emTOYee of the month. And show us this toy three times in three different ways. The more different shots/situations/set ups the better.

Tomasz Lasek invites us to share photos of our favourite toy during the month of July.

Oh man, this one’s going to be a hard one. Not to shoot, but to choose just one?! How will we ever decide?

So you’d best head over to our G+ Community and check out the entries already submitted and share your own favourite toy! We can’t wait to see what you share from your toy box!

  • Lizzi

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