Podcast 20 – Oregon Toy Photo Safari Recap with Leila Chieko and Cindy Dockter

This week’s episode of the podcast is a special one, because it’s the first show with two guests! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re recapping the Oregon Toy Photo Safari.

Leila Chieko (@brickandmordor) and Cindy Dockter (@coneydogg) have been on my wishlist of podcast guests since the very beginning of the show. Leila was one of the first friends I made in the toy photo community, and I’ve been a huge fan of her and Cindy’s work for years. They have a contagious energy and enthusiasm that comes through in their photography, and I just knew that they’d make for a fun double interview.

Toy Safari Recap

Podcasting with coneydogg and brickandmordor

I shared a house with them at the Oregon Toy Safari, and had an absolute blast. I hoped to record the interview then, but it just didn’t happen. Instead, we met up at my apartment two weeks later. So not only is this the first double interview, it’s the first in-person interview as well! That made the conversation even more fun.

In addition to recapping the Safari, I asked Leila and Cindy about how they got into photographing toys, what it’s like sharing the hobby with their spouse, and more!

As always, thank you so much for listening. I can’t believe we’re at 20 episodes already! Your continued support of this show truly means a lot to me.

You can view Leila’s work on Instagram, see her awesome video work on Vimeo, and I highly encourage you to go back and read some of her past guest posts on the blog. As for Cindy, make sure you’re giving her a follow on Instagram here!


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  1. brett_wilson

    I loved listening to you two dorks!
    Listening to the podcast is my happy place I go to on a Monday morning at work. Today was no exception.
    I laughed out loud, to baffled looks from colleagues! I got inspired by your enthusiasm and passion. I also got a little misty-eyed remembering hanging out with both you in Oregon. Best cuddles and best laughs.
    Another great podcast James!

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