I’ve just got in from the Stuck in Plastic European toy safari – this year held in the city of Paris.

I’m beyond exhausted. I’m a little broken. My mind is mush. My feet are sore.

But five nights with my toy photography friends has restored me in ways that you can only understand if you have spent time with a group of toy photographers. The friendships and understandings found at a toy safari are the real reasons for going.  Not the toys, not the photos, not the city, but the people. Seeing old friends, and making new ones, is a hallmark of a good toy safari.

Meeting your long-distance pals at toy safari’s is a joy! Running to greet them is optional!

I’m too tired to write much this week, but the one thing I want to pass on to those considering joining a toy safari (either with Toy Photographers or Stuck in Plastic), is that you won’t leave unchanged. The people you meet and the friendships you create will stick with you. Photographing toys in a group is like meeting your tribe. It’s like coming home.

Taking a stroll around your favourite city with your photography buddies can be magical.

Thank you Julien and everyone at Stuck in Plastic for arranging such an awesome meet-up! The memories from this trip will stay with me forever!

A LEGO boat race for some friendly competition. A new favourite memory!

For more on the Paris toy safari, keep on eye on our friends over at Stuck in Plastic and check out #sipgoesparis2018 for all the photos from the weekend.

If this makes you want to join the next toy safari happening, look out for the London 2018 safari sign up, coming your way as soon as I catch up on my sleep!

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P.S. Today is international yoga day! I’ve got too many photos to sort through to write up anything this week about toy photography yoga, but check out Shelly’s post about it from last year and discover your favourite toy photography yoga pose.