If you’re reading this, I’m somewhere between Seattle and Cincinnati. Or maybe it’s Cincinnati and Austin? I’m not really sure. But I do know where I have been and here are my recollections of the Oregon Toy Photo Safari, written before I’d been.

Yes, these memories are imagined. The following memoirs are concocted from expectation and anticipation…


I remember chatting with [insert names here] on the Friday night and the toy photographers gathered at our house in Arch Cape. I recall laughing with [insert names here] as we compared our travel stories that got us there. The [insert food here] that [insert names here] brought as part of the pot luck dinner was [insert synonyms for delicious], thanks for the recipe. Apologies to [probably insert all the names here] suggesting you try Vegemite.

The [insert time of day here] spent at [insert specific name here] beach was a blast. Mustering [insert number here] LEGO Dewbacks across the sand as [insert names here] jockeyed for positions to snap the migrating horde was such a cool experience.


The laughs shared with [insert names here] as the white elephant gift exchange happened will stay with me. Thank you [insert name here] for the amazing [insert toy here], a new toy that I’ll treasure as a memento of the times and our friendship. The memories of the time spent with [insert names here] taking photos of [insert toys here] at [insert location here] will linger with me for a long time too.

Sharing a few [insert local brew here] beers with [insert names here] after an amazing day at [insert location here] was a hoot.


Thank you [probably insert no names here] for braving the North Pacific Ocean with me for an early morning swim.

The time spent at [insert location here] was a highlight. After a few days of the Oregon Toy Photo Safari, we’d all come out of our shells. I especially enjoyed spending time with [insert names here], learning so much from them. Thanks [insert names here] for all the tips and help.


I can’t thank [insert all the names here] enough for making my 14,000km trip to my first Toy Photo Safari so memorable. I arrived a rookie and left so much richer for the experience. Incredible friends, both new and old, were made over the days. And these friendships will last a very long time. Thank you [insert all the names here], my friends!


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