Whilst everyone else is off enjoying themselves in America, I think it’s time the UK contingent of Toy Photographers starts planning our own 2018 adventures!

Rather than be seriously jealous of all the fun that’s being had in Oregon, let’s beat all those American (and Australian!) photographers at their own game and plan a UK Toy Photographers Meet-Up!

We gathered all these UK based folks together in a big blog post not that long ago! Can we gather as many of them in real life?

I’m doing this ‘gung-ho, jump in with little planning’ style and therefore all plans are up in the air and available for YOU to decide!

In broad strokes though, it will be a two-day weekend meet up in September or October this year (avoiding school holidays)! A full day of photography on the Saturday, a shared meal on Saturday night, and at least a morning of photography on the Sunday. If enough people are interested, we can look at meeting up on the Friday night as well.

As everything is up for grabs with this meet-up, why not fill out our short survey so we know your preference for dates and location. Once I have your responses, I will confirm the date and location and we will go from there!

Let’s photograph some toys!

If you’ve not been to a meet-up before, they are barrels of fun, even for the most socially anxious of people! When else can you connect with like minded photographers and swap photo tips and toys in real life? With two days to get to know each other, share meals and get out and about exploring a (possibly!) new place in the pouring English rain glorious English autumn sunshine whilst taking part in some casual photography yoga, it will be all kinds of awesome!

I’m seriously looking forward to meeting-up with any and all toy photographers in 2018! It will be great to meet some more UK based folks (and anyone else who decides to come! 😉 )

Don’t forget to complete the survey and tell your friends!

  • Lizzi