Do you want to follow along with us on the #ORToyPhotoSafari? Of course you do! We realize our community is world wide, so we will do our best to show stories, images, and even a live feed or two before the weekend is through. We want to share our amazing experience with you as best as we can. You wont want to miss a single post!

But that’s not all!

In addition to inviting you along on our adventure, we’re here to ask you for your help: we’re running several contests and we need your help to pick the winners. We’re giving away awesome prizes to the winners of the following contests:

  • Best behind the scenes photo 
  • Best Collaborative Photograph that involves a LEGO and non-LEGO photographer
  • Best use of the custom figure designed by Krash Override.

But as you can imagine we will be distracted by all the toys and photographers running around and wont be spending a lot of time checking social media to see what our fellow adventurers are posting. This is where you come in:  we need a few extra sets of eyes to watch the feed and alert us to images we may have overlooked. We need you to follow along with us on the #ORToyPhotoSafari tag and alert us to any amazing images you think are worthy of a $50 gift card to Hot Toys.

Also by commenting and interacting with the participants you will encourage them to take the time to post even more images to social media during the weekend. Otherwise it may be a full year before you see all the images from this four day weekend extravaganza. Just ask Austin

A taste of the #ORToyPhotoSafari

But Wait….There’s more!!

In conjunction with with #ORToyPhotosafari Tony Tulloch and Janan Lee will be hosting a photo walk in Melbourne Australia. You can get more information and join them here, or follow their adventures at this hashtag #MTP_2018.

If any of this looks like a fun way to spend a weekend, but Melbourne and Oregon are too far away, check out yesterday’s post by Lizzi. She will be hosting her own Toy Photographers meet-up in the UK this coming fall. Yup, toy photography is more fun when shared with friends.

See you on the internet!

~ Shelly