You are now inside the Mirror Dimension

Ever present but undetected

The real world isn’t affected by what happens here

We use the Mirror Dimension to train, surveil…

…and sometimes to contain threats

You don’t want to be stuck in here without your sling ring

Mirror Dimensions

A six image narrative by Tom Milton

I’ve been on a bit of a Doctor Strange kick recently.

  It must have been my subconscious taking over when I recently had a Eureka moment while doing the dishes (well, putting them in the dishwasher).
You see, at home, we have this intricately patterned glass bowl. As i was putting the bowl in the dishwasher an idea popped into my head.  Could the glass double as a homemade filter (more on those in the future as I’m on a bit of a filter fad too)? Doctor Strange’s Mirror Dimension seemed like the perfect fit to test this idea. Ignoring the rest of the dishes, I ran off, bowl in had and created a quick setup with the Sorcerer Supreme. Unfortunately this failed miserably with the details of the glass being too small and intricate when compared to a minifigure. Unperturbed and still feeling like I was on to a winner I returned to the kitchen and rounded up every piece of glassware I could find ready to try again. Several bowls, glasses and vase tests later and a short glass tumbler with rounded chamfer detailing seemed to solve my quandary.
Each of these photographs were taken after placing the minifigure subject inside said upside down tumbler and shooting through the glass. The varying cuts of the glass create a fracturing of both the lighting (a selection of micro LED torches and laser pointers in this case) and imagery to result in a kaleidoscope effect reminiscent of the movie’s alternate dimension. For those interested in trying this themselves, it’s the rounded sections of glass that help create fragments in the image that are both distinct yet linked to one another. Alternately the square glass details were too distorting to the point of loosing the subject matter.
As a result of this experimentation came this particular series. A six image narrative linked through style, experimentation and execution.