If you’re reading this expecting some insights into toy photography, let me stop you now. You won’t find any tips, tricks, insights or. This post is purely self-indulgent hubbub.


Last week I tuned in to James’ chat with David (Father’s Figures) on the latest episode of the Toy Photographers podcast. As their chat, coupled with caffeine, washed away the drudgery of a Monday morning at work, the talk shifted to the upcoming Toy Safari and their recollections of past adventures. As they recalled their times at previous Safaris and expressed their excitement for the May Toy Safari on the Oregon coast, I was jolted back to reality.

Yes, I’d signed up. And yes, I’d paid my registration fee. But on this Monday morning as I listened to James and David talked about the Seattle and San Francisco Safaris, the imminent Oregon Safari was still a pipedream for me.


You see, making the journey to take photos of toys and hang out with other toy photographers is an immense logistical and financial commitment. And as David and James’ tales filled my ears, I hadn’t 100% pledged my allegiance to the cause.

I’d never believed I would travel over 14,000 kilometres to be with friends I’d never met before. Never in my wildest whimsies could I have imagined taking photographs of toys would involve a passport, exchange rates and visas. I never could’ve envisaged I’d be throwing thousands of dollars down to take photos of toys with my fellow toy photographers.


But, with James and David’s reflections still buzzing in my ears provoking me, the thoughts of meeting signed-up attendees rousing me, and the encouragement from my family, I took the plunge!

Leave from work has been approved. My passport and visa has been sorted. Money has been exchanged. And flights have been booked!

the 2018 Toy Photography Safari

the 2018 Toy Photography Safari


I’ve looked through the list of registered attendees. Some from this list I’ve known since I began taken photos of toys. Some of them are good friends I’ve never met. A few I’ve got to know along the way. And some will be new friends. But I cannot wait to meet every single one of them.

So get ready to meet an overly excited Aussie @shellycorbettphotography, @debaere_lego, @Mrs.Playwell, @lego_laws, @wikitoybox,  @doughleyg, @thereeljames23, @Rygar32, @brickandmordor, @coneydogg, @Papajov, @Lizzybelle9,  @krash_override, @greaterbeast, @fathersfigures, @Lady.Nightingale, @Wiiman, @Intangibledandy, @buttsintheair, @Tronsoda, @camrc_ and @toy.at.heart!

I warned you this post was self-indulgent gibberish. But sometimes when  you’re so excited about something, you just have to shout it from the rooftops!

Is it too early to begin packing toys?

– Brett

Will you be taking the plunge this May? Can I add you to the list of Toy Photographers I’m excited to hang out with?


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