A holiday. A vacation. Vacay. A break.

I’m away. I’ve gone fishing. (I’m probably not fishing.)

LEGO figure fishing

Except for fake fishing in Sweden!

I’m in the Lakes. I’m relaxing, hiking (weather dependent), and generally trying to get some down time from all things.

Except toy photography. Because where I go, toys go.

Holiday snapshots

I might take a lot of ‘holiday snaps’ of my toys, but actually, it’s something I find really difficult! I have comfort zones for shooting toys, and out in public, in holiday destinations, is not one of them.

My biggest problem?

How do you take the essence of a holiday snap with figures only a few inches high? Especially when you prefer a very shallow depth of field! It’s hard to portray a location, to get that background in, and to fit your toy into a new situation. Not to mention it’s often at a time when you are trying to do things other than toy photography (except on toy safari! Then it’s all about the toys!)

I hope that one day I’ll grasp it. It’s something I’ll be working on over this week in the Lake District (although not too hard, this holiday is for relaxation after all!) but especially when I head to Paris for the toy safari this summer! Perhaps what I really need to do is book more holidays to perfect this type of toy photo? Where else should my SigFig go?

Here are some of my SigFig’s holiday snapshots from her previous travel shenanigans.

LEGO figure in Berlin

Berlin rocks!

LEGO figure skiing in Sweden

Swedish snow freak who apparently can’t hold a camera!

LEGO on a map of Iceland

LEGO in Iceland!

LEGO figure at Hamburg station

Hamburg means bagels and coffee!

LEGO figure in London with umbrella

The London toy safari required appropriate location clothing!

LEGO figure on a boat

Sailor Lizzi in Sweden!

If you have any tips for holiday toy photography, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your suggestions!

– Lizzi
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