It’s been a busy couple of weeks of planning, but I’ve hardly taken any photos of toys. Does that mean I’m still a toy photographer?

Nice New Outfit

We’ve rolled out the new blog design.

You like the cut
You like the fit
Wide in the shoulders
Trim at the hips
Fugazi – Nice New Outfit

I must thank the incredible efforts of Shelly and Lizzi in getting this done. Their behind the scenes planning, testing and debugging made the implementation of the new layout seamless.

Sunny’s amazing work in creating our new logo deserves two special acknowledgements. Firstly, thank you for the amazing new logo we now have. Secondly, thank you for putting up with Shelly and my constant requests for tweaks and changes.

I was called upon to sprinkle some code magic over the top of all this hard work.

But during all this planning, tweaking and rolling out, not a toy photograph was taken.

Project Planning

There’s been much planning for some upcoming LEGO projects. Shots have been planned, locations have been scouted, editing techniques have been tested and trialled and words have been written.

Planning v. Doing

Planning v. Doing

You hold me down
You hold me down like a magnet
And this is not all that I am
No this is not my name

Bikini Kill – Magnet

But with all this planning, not a single toy photograph for these projects was taken.

Moss Hospital

After my post about shooting with the dry, burnt tones of summer, I started planning to create a moss hospital; a mosspital!

Moss in the morning let’s you in
Is it a field day make me sin
It’s only warm, might let you stay
Moss in the morning might be way
Melvins – Joan of Arc

I salvaged the last reaming moss from around our property and our neighbours. I nursed it back to verdant health.

And not a toy photograph was taken.


So, with all this activity, planning and execution, but not a single photograph of toys being taken, does that still make me a toy photographer?

A doctor is still a doctor when they aren’t doctoring. So yes, I’m still a toy photographer even when I’m not taking photographs of toys!

– Brett

Have you ever had time away from your camera, but still found yourself being a toy photographer?



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