Wow! I can’t believe 2017 is drawing to a close. This will be my last post on the blog until the New Year. Like Brett and Shelly before me, I want to use this time to give thanks, and to look back on my journey through 2017.

I think it’s fair to say that this year was a whirlwind for all of us. Personally, it was at times both the best and worst year of my life. I can happily say that the depression I was dealing with this summer has subsided. Though it will inevitably rear its ugly head once more in the future, I am thankful for this respite and am going into 2018 with high spirits and optimism.

Thank You

The first person I want to thank is you, dear reader. I jumped aboard Toy Photographers as a full time writer in February, and I can’t tell you how much your continued support has meant to me. Thank you for reading my posts, leaving comments, and welcoming me as a new voice on the blog. Artistically, 2017 has been my best year yet, and I truly couldn’t have done it without you.

This blog has become more than just a fun place for me to write about toys. It’s a place for me to open up about my fears, my personal struggles, or my triumphs. It’s become a place of encouragement and continual support from readers like you and the incredible people behind the scenes who keep all of the gears turning. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my next post, review, or photo for the blog. I’m incredibly grateful to be part of it, and look forward to working on even bigger things in 2018!

I get by with a little help from my friends…

I especially want to thank Shelly and Brett for bringing me onto the team, for believing in me, and for encouraging me to chase after some potentially crazy ideas! I’ve been an avid fan of their photography and writing for years, and now count them not only as peers, but good friends.

stormtrooper friends


“I get by with a little help from my friends” – The Beatles

Speaking of friends, I now have more than I could have asked for! Tony, Jennifer, Jason, Kristina, Ryan, Julie, Lizzi, and Tomasz, thank you all for the work you put into the blog and the G+ community, and for inspiring me to take more photos, participate in challenges, and come out of my shell. I’m a private, shy person by nature, but you inspire me to be more social and outgoing.

I’ve thanked her in full article form once already this year, but I also want to extend my gratitude toward my wife, Jordan. She is the single most supportive person in my life. Thanks for proofing my blog posts, being the first set of eyes on my photos, and for encouraging me again and again to chase my dreams. Without you, I simply wouldn’t be the artist or man that I am today.

Onward and upword

As good as 2017 was for me, I know that 2018 will be even better. I’m currently working on an extremely exciting project for Toy Photographers that I’ll be able to discuss in more detail after the new year, and have already set my sights on some great new toys and LEGO sets to photograph and review for the blog.

There are several photo projects I started this year but didn’t finish, so I hope to continue and complete those in 2018. I also look forward to chasing intriguing new opportunities.



Once again, I want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me this year, for reading my posts, for looking at my photos, and for helping me grow personally and creatively. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

Enjoy the holidays, and happy New Year!

– James

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