Best laid plans

The tree is up.
The gingerbread men have their annual holiday home.
The Star Wars tickets are booked.

I was done. I was ready to get down to enjoying the festive season and finally crack on with my promised Playmobil photos. Ready to sit in front of the fire and read a good book! I had plans for some serious down time!

Woody finds a great Christmas book!

But then, disaster. A moth attack. Bug cocoons everywhere. House upside down. Wardrobes emptied. Toys sealed in ziplock bags and boxes. No photos taken. No blog posts written. No time. No energy. A 365 in jeopardy right at the finish line. 18 days to go.

Panic stations and bug eyed! What a week!

Despite being a wreck over my house problems, I refused to miss a day at this late stage! However, I will admit to resorting to the most basic of toy photography this week. A simple ‘mini-me’ shot to get the photo in. A blurry bug fighting Woody in the midst of all the cleaning. There is just too much going on to get anything else done – sometimes life has to come before photography!

This is one of the big challenges of a 365 project – getting a balance between life and photography. There are always days in the year when taking a photo is the last thing you want to do. Sick days, busy days, days when it’s just difficult. It’s this, along with the constant need for ideas, that makes the 365 project the challenge it is. Everyone can take 365 photos at some point in a year, but the daily need for ideas and editing is something else entirely!

Can I just live in the gingerbread house?

With 18 days left, a disaster zone of a house, and exhaustion creeping in, I’m feeling very ready for the New Year now! I need a fresh start!

I’m ready to stop this particular project and focus on the community and my weekly toy photographers post (it’s official, I’m on the team page and everything!) I’m ready to do a little more thinking about photos and enjoy the freedom that (I hope) will come from having more time to mull over ideas and plan some shoots.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my chin up and think about all the good things this season has to offer!

Gingerbread anyone?

The annual gingerbread house has gone down a treat!

What do you do when reality takes over your life? When you just don’t have the time or energy to shoot? Do you force yourself to do it, or take a step back and accept that you can’t always take pictures?

– Lizzi
Stepping on Bricks


  1. Oh Lizzi! What a week you must have had! Its not just 18 days its only 18 more photos! Then 17, then 16 and before you know it, you will be done! Woo hoo!! I think you will make it. 🙂

    A word of advice as you approach the finish line: take a break. Don’t pick up the camera for at least a month. Celebrate your success! Reveal in your accomplishment by look back over the 365 images you’ve created and try to find some of those red threads: your best 10, your favorite ten, recurring themes, recurring metaphors. With the constant pressure of producing an image every day I can only imagine that there wasn’t any time to reflect. I think it important to take a moment and recover. If it was me, I would probably get depressed because this driving force Ive lived with for so long is suddenly gone. I would keep a look out for that as well.

    Whatever happens we will be there cheering you over the finish line and beyond!!

    • Lizzi

      Thanks Shelly! Yes, I’m really looking forward to a break! I’m planning on putting a 365 book together in the New Year so that will give me plenty to think about in reflection! 🙂

  2. Stefan K / fubiken

    What do I do when it is to much? Nothing! So much drama, negativity and stress at work that it just been draining me. Hard to see ideas, hard to se images. Taking a walk with the camera, comes home without even one image. Just blank at the moment!

    Wishing you and your man the best of luck in next year Lissi!

    • Lizzi

      Thank you Stefan!! I think sometimes it all does get like that! I’m looking forward to getting inspired again as well! I hope inspiration strikes you too! Best wishes for the New Year!

  3. Wow, I’m sorry about the moth invasion. That sounds like a horrible mess. I hope it gets fixed soon.

    I’ve really enjoyed your 365 day project this year Lizzie! I’m glad that you’ve been able to take photos, even on the tough days. When I get overwhelmed, I usually can’t think of ideas so I either take a break from photos or I just do portraits with a simple background 🙂


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