To do an image every day for a year

I’ve done several 365 projects and I find them fun and challenging. But the challenge for me is not to photograph every day. That isn’t difficult, just push the button! 😉

The challenge is to photograph in all weather, all light and in different places. In addition, I try to create an image that I want to stand behind. Honestly, I’ll have to admit that far from all the images I publish during my 365-projects are ones that I want to stand behind. But as far as I can, each day, I try to make them as good as they can be. The images I don’t think work, I see as drafts or sketches. For me, the real challenge when I’m in the midst of a 365-project, is to settle for a good-enough image.

Days of 365-projects

The best days doing a 365-project are those that give me the opportunity to create images that I haven’t done before. Or when I see new opportunities, new places or new ways of working with light.

During a year there are also less better days; those that make me wonder why I’m doing projects like these. There are days when I wonder if I even like the toy that I have chosen as my subject. There are days when I solve my dilemma by just taking a single image, a picture that works. On other occasions, I spend hours regretting that I didn’t start earlier in the day. Those days I spend time thinking back on how amazing the light was in the morning and how I missed my opportunity. Or, I spend time thinking of yesterday’s water puddles and the amazing images I created there and then. This isn’t a productive mode. I seem to spend a lot of time just procrastinating.

The worst days are those when I lack inspiration, light and the willingness to photograph. Under those day I wonder why I do these 365-projects. But the decision to make an image a day is strong, My decision to embark on this project makes me go out … sometimes it’s just for one click, sometimes it’s for a series of images.

leia, lego, flowers

What do I get from a 365-project?

By doing a 365-project I get to reflect on myself and my life, it’s a moment only for me and my photography.  Every day I have to find a moment for myself and my camera. By now I know that every day won’t be a good day; some days need to be days of trial, test and learning. This is one of the strength with doing an image a day… I grow by challenging myself to try to do something that I like even days I don’t think it’s possible.



  1. This all rings so very true. You have perfectly captured the daily ups and downs of a 365 project. Right now, it’s all I can do to keep on going, to come up with ideas to play with, but come the autumn light, I’m sure to perk back up!

    Thank you for sharing your words and photographs. An inspiration as always.

  2. I’m in awe of anyone who takes on one of these 365 challenges. And you’ve done several! It boggles my tiny brain. I know I couldn’t complete one, the daily commitment to always be looking and thinking about photography. All the challenges you list, I would fail at. You are a stronger and more dedicated photographer than I!

  3. Excellent post, Kristina! I can’t imagine undergoing a 365 project, but admire those that do. I love that you actually take a photo each day – I think if I were doing it I’d have to “cheat” and take 7 posts on Saturday and post 1 each day for the next week!

    I love the idea of finding a moment each day just for yourself and your camera. I think “me time” is especially important, and if you can fill that time with photography, awesome!

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