I’ve done several 365 projects and I find them fun and challenging. But the challenge for me is not to photograph every day. That isn’t difficult, just push the button! 😉

The challenge is to photograph in all weather, all light and in different places. In addition, I try to create an image that I want to stand behind. Honestly, I’ll have to admit that far from all the images I publish during my 365-projects are ones that I want to stand behind. But as far as I can, each day, I try to make them as good as they can be. The images I don’t think work, I see as drafts or sketches. For me, the real challenge when I’m in the midst of a 365-project, is to settle for a good-enough image.

Days of 365-projects

The best days doing a 365-project are those that give me the opportunity to create images that I haven’t done before. Or when I see new opportunities, new places or new ways of working with light.

During a year there are also less better days; those that make me wonder why I’m doing projects like these. There are days when I wonder if I even like the toy that I have chosen as my subject. There are days when I solve my dilemma by just taking a single image, a picture that works. On other occasions, I spend hours regretting that I didn’t start earlier in the day. Those days I spend time thinking back on how amazing the light was in the morning and how I missed my opportunity. Or, I spend time thinking of yesterday’s water puddles and the amazing images I created there and then. This isn’t a productive mode. I seem to spend a lot of time just procrastinating.

The worst days are those when I lack inspiration, light and the willingness to photograph. Under those day I wonder why I do these 365-projects. But the decision to make an image a day is strong, My decision to embark on this project makes me go out … sometimes it’s just for one click, sometimes it’s for a series of images.

leia, lego, flowers

What do I get from a 365-project?

By doing a 365-project I get to reflect on myself and my life, it’s a moment only for me and my photography.  Every day I have to find a moment for myself and my camera. By now I know that every day won’t be a good day; some days need to be days of trial, test and learning. This is one of the strength with doing an image a day… I grow by challenging myself to try to do something that I like even days I don’t think it’s possible.