Sometimes you wanna go…

It’s been over a month since I pulled back on Instagram posting. And while I’ve been away, I’ve been feasting on feedback and gorging myself on inspiration in a new town.

Apart from pushing my posts here, the G+ monthly challenge, joining in the Raptor Pack day and #brickstameet, I haven’t posted any photos that weren’t either in support of an event or to promote another platform. Instead I’ve focussed on the blog and the G+ Toy Photographers community.

Quality or quantity
Quality or quantity
Quality or quantity a choice you have to make
Bad Religion – Quality or Quantity

And whilst on this self-imposed sabbatical, it’s dawned on me what I’d been craving. I‘ve been missing a sense of belonging, meaningful rapport, a sense of community. This is what I find in the G+ community; the clue’s in the title!

Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing wonderful toy photographs. I love getting lost in their stories and the magic behind their creation. But I want more than just that. I want rapport.

a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well

Being inspired by toy photography is one thing. Being motivated and encouraged by meaningful feedback and comments is another.

In searching for a meaningful embrace
Sometimes my self respect took second place
Iggy & the Stooges – Cry For Love

I’ve written about the numbers game that Instagram revolves around before. It’s just that, numbers.

I’ve also written about opening a thesaurus of words to aspire to. Maybe some of those words can also be used to inspire others by comments and feedback?

Where everybody knows your name

Since my voluntary time-out from Instagram, I’ve stepped away from the ‘vanity over passion’ numbers game and into the G+ world with its wonderful members and refreshing rapport.

Instagram’s algorithm might have put a dent in my numbers. Posting only weekly has, I assume, pushed my posts further down feeds, resulting in likes and comments taking a nosedive by 50%, or more. That’s cool.

My numbers took a drastic hit when I decided to move my attention to G+, from 30k to 100, from 1000 to 20. But, as I’ve said, numbers aren’t why I do this. With significantly fewer followers, the evocative, heartening, helpful comments and feedback have multiplied.

feasting on feedback

feedback feast

There really is a sense of community, a small town community. It’s our little town, where everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. There’s no need to lock your doors in G+ town!

Feedback is another thing I craved when I stepped away from Instagram, and I’ve gorged myself on it over at G+. I’m as full as a boot, and it’s delightful!

– Brett

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