A Day in the Life of a Toy Photographer

As I ride the bus to meet my sister, I think of Brett’s post about how he went to Sydney and there was no sun to take pictures. He was unable to take the pictures he had planned due to the weather.

I was looking forward to this day. I was going to get to see a part of the city I haven’t been before. And with my sister by my side, we would have so much fun and take so many Lego shots.

 But of course, the weather had other plans.

“Oh look, a puddle! If only I had my vacation Batman figure with me…”

I’ve never been a fan of the sun. I’ve lived in Mediterranean cities almost my entire life, so you can see how this might be a big problem for me. “The summers are hot and dry, the winters are warm and rainy.” I’ve memorized these words since elementary school. If only memorizing a few words could make the weather a bit more bearable.

I arrive at her neighborhood and call to let her know I’m here. While I’m waiting the clouds start to gather around me and I think about what to shoot. Even though my mini figures have already told me their stories, I can still make up something new.

After breakfast, we start to walk. She shows me all the places she likes and I tell her what kind of places I need for my shooting. This woman has one of the most brilliant and creative minds I’ve ever known. Ideas start flowing as soon as we meet. She suggests something, we make up the scene together, and I take the picture. She doesn’t need any instructions, inspiration just comes to her. I’m Emmet to her Wildstyle.

Mother of dragons and her apprentice.

 Meanwhile, the clouds get more and more dense. We take a small break at a nearby cafe, and just in time. Soon the rain begins to pour down. We keep ourselves busy with a game of backgammon.

Thinking a number… Can you guess what it is?

Once the rain slows down, we go out again; this time to the shore. We find a place to take great shots, settle down on the pebbles, get comfortable, and suddenly I’m screaming! There’s a giant wave coming towards us! Fortunately it stops just short of the mini figure, but I’m not going to push my luck. We pack up and look for inspiration elsewhere.

Gazing into the horizon.

There’s no lack of creativity when my sister is around; I end up taking more photos than I think. We spend almost six hours walking, taking photos, taking breaks, taking photos, walking again, taking… I’m sure you get the idea.

Two crazy women walking and shooting pictures to get the perfect alignment…

This was a day in the life of an “I-don’t-want-to-go-out-because-it’s-hot/cold/rainy/sunny-let’s-just-stay-at-home photographer.” I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



  1. I’m glad you can find so much inspiration when shooting with your sister. I’m the same type of photographer you describe – staying home is more than my mantra, especially with photography. My sister recently convinced me to venture out for photos too and I had a wonderful time. So thank you Pinar, keep shooting beautiful shots. 🙂

  2. Great post Pinar. Thanks for sharing. I’m one of those photographers who looks outside and goes “blech, that looks like a miserable day. Best I just rest up instead.” 😛 You’ve inspired me to get out and about more often.

  3. What a beautiful story. It sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful day together, despite the weather. It’s always great to spend quality time with family. You got some great photos too!

    P.S. I’m not a fan of the sun or hot weather either 🙂

    • Pinar

      Yes! We sure did! You know, even in winter, whenever it’s a bit sunny, I’m like “Darn you sun! Go away and bring back the clouds!” Unfortunately, summer has already arrived here. Soon the temperature will be around 40 C and we will start melting…

      • You and I have a lot in common 🙂 I complain when it’s sunny in the winter too. I say “But it’s hot the rest of the year, it’s supposed to be cold in the winter” 🙂

        You and I should meet somewhere cold someday. We can enjoy the cold weather and sip on a hot beverage that’s not coffee 🙂

        • Pinar (@pinar.of.brickland)

          Exactly! Winter is supposed to be cold and gloomy, not shining as if it was spring!!

          That, I imagine, would be a great day. Who knows, maybe some day we will 😊

  4. Pinar,

    I love your post! It radiates everything fun about toy photography. Going outside, exploring with friends, having adventures and the weather be damned. Extra added bonus…super cute photo of you and your sister! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your adventure!!

  5. Great post!
    Seems like fun to have someone to go out with a go out on a photoshoot with. For now I always have to be a bit fast with my shots because people are waiting for me to finish (they don’t rush me, yet I feel rushed). So I always try and devise the scenes at home thinking about what kind of surroundings we will be heading to (or I grab a few minifigs who I think could be useful later).

  6. Tony Tulloch

    Everything is more fun with a friend/sibling that shares your passion. My brother and I love to go to museums together, and I head to airshows regularly with one of my best mates (my daughter). Lots of photography and fun is to be had.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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