The Best Laid Plans

The one thing you can predict is Sydney’s unpredictable weather!

Last weekend I flew from Melbourne to Sydney to see a band. As I was only there for less than 24 hours, I wasn’t planning on taking any toy photos. But then James went and wrote about taking toys with him on a business trip and I thought that if I didn’t, I’d regret it. The best laid plans of mice and men humans often go awry!

So, after a rad gig on Friday night, and with a good 5 hours up my sleeve to explore the city before I had to get to the airport, I pulled apart the curtains in the hotel room, only to be greeted by grey skies and light rain falling.

Sydney's weather ruined my plans to photograph toys
Ah, sunny Sydney!

Wet sand on a foggy beach, the sky is grey
You would call it a perfect day
And naturally I’d have to agree,
If you were here with me
Descendents – Here With Me

Not to be perturbed, we (my best mate and regular band buddy) checked out of the hotel and made our way into the city for breakfast with the hope that the rain would clear.

The rain didn’t oblige

Now, if I were at home, a little rain wouldn’t have bothered me. I could always towel myself off at the car (yes, taking photos of toys has taught me to ALWAYS have a towel in the car), and I’d only be a short walk or drive back to a hot shower and a change of clothes. But I wasn’t home.

And not only wasn’t I at home, I was a 30 minute train ride, a 90 minute flight and a 45 minute drive from home. Now I love mathematics, but the idea of being in wet clothes for that sum I did not love.

My mind is a dream filled balloon
Dripping dreams into my shoes
Descendents – Dreams

By the time we’d walked into the city and found somewhere for breakfast we were already sodden. Any hope I had for taking photos of toys was dwindling. Any undercover locations we stumbled upon were crowded with others also looking to escape the rain. But they probably weren’t lamenting not being able to photograph toys!

Adventure Kitty's plans were rained upon
Despite the rain ruining Adventure Kitty’s plans, she still managed a smile.

My toys never saw the sights of Sydney. They never left my backpack. The only daylight they saw on this trip was a brief glimpse as my bag was unzipped to be swabbed for explosives.

– Brett

When has the weather ruined your plans recently?

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  1. Shelly Corbett

    If there is a silver lining it is this picture of Adventure Kitty. I’m pretty sure that Adventure Kitty is the best version of UniKitty I’ve ever seen! Fabulous mashup as always Brett!

    • brett_wilson

      Thanks Shelly. Adventure Kitty was actually shot when I got back (with the help of a water bottle!). She came on the trip with me to Sydney, and didn’t complain once about remaining in my backpack, so I figured she deserved her moment in the spotlight! 😀

  2. thereeljames

    I love that my post inspired you to pack some toys, but am bummed that the weather didn’t permit any actual photography. I’ve definitely been there! I agree with Shelly, Adventure Kitty is fantastic! One of those “It’s so brilliant I wish I’d thought of it” ideas.

    • brett_wilson

      I literally packed toys last minute after having a “what if ?” thought after reading your post! What if I miss out on the chance to take a great shot in a new location? Alas, the weather had other ideas. The idea for Adventure Kitty was one of those last minute ones, as I grabbed toys to take.

  3. looks like the rain made a good blog post for good discussion about weather ruining plans!😏 Glad the gig went well. I hear ya with being soaked. I’ve laid down in mossy mucky puddles before to acquire the perfect shot – and had to deal with the stain on my shirt for several hours…😳 So sometimes the sacrifice is worth it – you get a shot no one else wants to get wet to do! But I do understand not wanting to fly soaked.😂🙌

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