Another photo which I created for the Stuck in Plastic Star Wars contest is “These are not the droids we are looking for” and you can easily understand why I titled it that. What? Wait a minute? Haven’t I just written that I tried something different from my usual Benny and Mr. Robot adventures? Well, that isn’t exactly 100% true, as you can see here. I woke up one morning with this idea in my mind and I couldn’t help but take this photo. I kept chuckling. 🙂

These are not the droids we are searching for.

The biggest problem was the setup; obviously it had to be on Tatooine. How Mr. Robot, E-mily and a Blip found themselves there was not my problem. For the background I chose to use an image of Tatooine I found on the Internet. I modified it a little, then I loaded it onto my iPad mini and I used it as scenery. That was easy, after all.

The biggest problem was the sand. I built a snotted slope with some tan bricks I had at home (my constant lack of bricks is very irritating) but I wasn’t happy with it. To smooth this slope I decided to use something I’ve never used before: some kind of whood chips mix that you can easily find in Italy in November and December because we use it to build the “presepe” (a Nativity scene diorama) in our houses. I am definitely still not happy with the result, because it turned out to be a little too coarse. Maybe flour (post processed with Photoshop to change the color) would have worked better, but I was way behind schedule and I had to shoot this photo, I couldn’t postpone it anymore.

For this photo I also used my M.Zuiko 60 mm f/2.8 Macro at f/5.6; the same lens I used for Killer Shot. This is unusual, two photos in a row with this lens; 80% of the time I use my 25 mm f/1.8. This isn’t because I don’t like the macro lens, it’s because that focal length forces you to back away if you don’t want to take a “waist up” mini figure photo.

I love how the droids ended up a little out of focus; it looks like they were actually ion a desert. Or not? The best part, in my opinion, is Mr.Robot’s expression! It’s unbelievable how expressive that robot can be, depending on the circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes of “These are not the droids we are looking for.”