I admit that light is one motivator for my toy photography. In my images is light an element that I try to work with. Part of my obession with light as a factor in my work is that I prefer to work outside. If I can choose I only work in an environment where I know the possibility’s. My favorite time to photograph is early in the morning. To be honest, I could say that I only do toy-photography when the weather (light) is inspiring (if I’m not doing a 52-project).

My obession with light

This obsession with light and working in a well-known setting are two important aspects that my 52-project “reflection of Leia” challenge. Specially when I have put up third limitation (besides the subject Leia and reflections) and that is that I have to try to take one picture a week on the theme reflection…

Most of my work with this 52-project is done during Saturday or Sunday because I prefer to work outside with natural light. I don’t have time to do toy-photography midweek, because of work. Every weekend I go out to find a spot for a reflection, with a light I prefer. This means that I’m always looking for a puddle, a window, or any place with a reflection that I believe will be well lit. I have to say on Saturday and Sunday I’m always in search of a good spot for a reflection of a toy.

5/52 2017

Seven weeks

I’ve only been doing this project for seven week but so far the project is worthwhile because it makes me challenge my way of photography. By these limitations this 52-project enables me to explore my way of creating photos, looking at toys, finding locations and seeing images. I end up creating pictures that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Of course sometimes I have to settle with images I don’t think are as good as they could be because I can’t control the weather or the lack of light during weekends, but that is part of the game.

The good and the bad

I realized that these challenges are probably why I do this project. This project gives me once again an opportunity to grow as a photographer in good and in bad. (Good that in that way that I accually do photography more regular, and in a bad way when I see myself going for easy solutions). I learn more about myself as a photographer. And doing a 52-project makes me want to explore this type of photography more. This projekt also have the effect that I’m during the weekdays try to explore the possibilities with the figure I’m working with. It’s part of a process to learn and to understand my way of looking at this particular toy. I try to find out what I want to know or what I want to tell.