Woo hoo! Its time to register for the San Francisco Toy Photographers Safari! This event is happening in less than three months and I couldn’t be more excited! Your safari hosts, Dennis and Melissa Taylor and I, are finalizing our plans and we hope you are too!

If you’re not familiar with what a toy photographer’s safari is, simply put, it’s four days of camaraderie and friendship that revolves around the activity of taking photos of toys. Our last two meet-ups, Las Vegas in 2015 and Seattle in 2016, where a ton of fun and we expect this one to be just as awesome!

The Details
  • Dates: May 11-14th
  • Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton San Rafael (or somewhere near by)
  • Cost: $45
  • Limited to 50 registered participants.
  • Registration fee is fully refundable until April 20th
Perks of Registration
  • Invite to our meet and greet on Thursday evening at Google headquarters, hosted by the fine folks at G+. (food will be provided)
  • Participate in the White Elephant Gift Exchange (optional)
  • Participate in the Photo Exchange (optional)
  • Photo contests on all four days with prizes provided by The LEGO Group
Did i mention swag bags?
  • You will receive a custom mini figure created by Krash_Override to commemorate the weekend
  • Cool and unique swag from the Google / G+ crew 
  • Awesome swag from The LEGO Group 
  • Badge with custom lanyard
  • Itinerary and Maps so you can successfully find and navigate between photography locations. We don’t want you to get lost!
  • …and anything else we can rustle up in the next three months.

I’ve set up a G+ community to help coordinate room sharing and carpooling. All participants will be encouraged to join this community, share travel details (if neccessary) and organize toy shenanigans in advance. I will be posting information on what to pack, photo locations, help with lodging, and generally answering all your Photo Safari questions.

Every toy photography safari is a chance to make new friends and meet amazing photographers you may only know by their online handles. This is a unique opportunity to hang out with your friends in a supportive and fun environment. Tell your friends, because the more the merrier!

I want to encourage photographers of all photos styles, toy preference and skill levels to attend. Like past photo safaris, this is an all inclusive event. Personally, I’ve found that I learn so much from my fellow photographers about style, toys and technique that its like a four day master class in toy photography. You don’t want to miss out!

If this weekend sounds EXCITING to you, then I encourage you to register using the directions below. If you have any questions, please contact me or leave a comment.

Unikitty and I are excited to see you in a few weeks!

~ Shelly

To register, please send an email with the following information to: Corbett.sj@gmail.com.

  • Name
  • Email address or best way to contact you
  • Social media platform of choice
  • Your ‘name’ on that social media platform
  • What city, state, county do you live in / are traveling from?
  • Where will you be staying?
  • Will you have a car?
  • Will you need help with lodging / roommate or transportation?
  • How did you hear about this event?
  • Any other questions you may have.

This is an open event and all toy photographs are welcome to meet up and photograph on location.

Thank you to G+ and The LEGO Group for their sponsorship and continued support of The Toy Photographers Blog.

If you can’t make this event, please check out our sister events in London, England hosted by Lizzi S and Cremona, Italy hosted by Priovit76