Time wounds all heels

Sure, we’re all familiar with the anti-mimesis (WARNING: link may contain traces of Hannah Montana) philosophical position that “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”, but what about when “life [l]imitates art”?

And sure, we’re all familiar with the fact that I like to make up words like “limitates”, but you get what I mean.

I shudder to use the phrase “time poor“, but I seem to be in an endless scuffle with my days to find the time to photograph toys.

Tell me is my time wasted?
Or am I okay?
Would you be friends with me on any other day?
Death From Above 1979 – If We Don’t Make It, We’ll Fake It

Sometimes life gets in the way of fun

Lizzi has written about her 365 toy photography project. The idea of taking a photograph a day does my head in!

Don’t get me wrong, I admire those who can commit to these projects, but I know that they’re just not for me. I wish they were. I wish I could dedicate time every day to toy photography, but if Lizzi can agonise over getting a photo done at 10pm, I’d be the one in the foetal position as the clock threatens to strike 12, because of a lack of time, a lack of inspiration, or simply because I’d been distracted and forgotten all about the daily pledge I’d made. Oh look! A butterfly…

a lego wrestler in a bunny mask running with a carrot

I’m late, I’m late, for a very “time poor can’t” date!

Sometimes fun can’t be scheduled

Shelly has asked if we find photographs or they find us? Personally, I think it’s a combination of the two, but I don’t think photos will find me if I give them a calendar invite to attend.

I’ve tried to block out time specifically for toy photography. An attempt to dedicate a portion of my day to planning, scheming, shooting or editing. If I’ve got a cache of photos to edit, this time is utilised productively. If not, all this seems to achieve is a failed attempt to force inspiration. It’s a botched bid to force it into a little rectangle in my calendar. And we all know inspiration isn’t rectangular! So that never ends well.

But hey, at least my calendar is full, giving the illusion that I’ve been busy and productive!

When I get the time
When I get the guts
To live my life for me
And do what I want to do
I’d be the friend that you said you once knew
Descendents – Get The Time

So, blocking out time in my day and expecting inspiration to turn up, doesn’t work for me. Neither does taking on a daily challenge, thus forcing me into finding time.

Maybe I should just be happy that I get to photograph toys when I do get the time? Maybe I should take note of these ‘time lean‘ moments and relish the time I that I do get?

How do you find the time? Do you set aside time, or do you ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and photograph when inspiration hits?

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*It should be noted that I had intended to shoot more accompanying photos for this post, but didn’t have time.