My name is Kristina Alexanderson (@kalexanderson on twitter, flickr, insta) and I live in Sweden, Stockholm. I’ve always loved toys, and Lego has a special place in my heart! I hadn’t heard about the meet up if it wasn’t for @eastmountain who asked if I was interested in going …

It sounded awesome, fun, and just the right thing to do to get inspiration for my work with toys. So I registered. And here I am.

So who am I?

I usually describe myself as a mom that stole my kids toys (troopers) to play with them and  document it with my camera, or at least it (my toy-photography) started that way. When I did a 365-project in 2011 called CClones, a tribute to Creative Commons  and an easy way to investigate if the licenses worked. I followed the project with a series of Trooper shots, mostly family -pics of a small and bigger version of troopers. I have a lot of other toys but tend to fall back to the troopers … love the secrets that is hiding under the helmet, wings and teddys!


My work is about ordinary life. I think it’s because of how slow I’m as a photographer and if I where faster I would probably be a street photographer, but I’m never fast enough to make the street-pic’s. I see a frame but I never have my camera at hand. Instead take those pictures with my toys. The toys are always at hand and I can make all the scenes I observe of ordinary life. Adults playing with there children, learning them how to ride etc.

As you know I have a soft spot for helmets (read Stormtroopers) and super heroes, wings and high-heel-shoes, and teddy so I use most of them in my toy-pictures. I prefer working in natural light and outdoor.

I’m looking forward to the early mornin g workshop – in the sunrise (hopefully with sun), but also getting insight in how other photog work with toys, sharing moments and opportunities to take photographs together.

See you all in Waxholm!