It seems like just yesterday when nine toy photographers met up in Vaxholm, Sweden to share the camaraderie that only arises when complete strangers meet in a beautiful location to photograph their toys.

Oh wait, It was yesterday… and what a special day it was!

Nine photographers and some toy enthusiasts from Sweden, Germany, France, United Kingdom, U.S. and Belgium, friends and strangers alike, met for a day and a half in the Stockholm Archipelago (yes this is a real place, just google it). Our host for the day, @_me2_, arranged not only our meals, transportation and lodging, but six unique locations to photograph our toys.

As we walked (or boated) to the various locations, conversations were started, experiences shared, and friendships were made. I came into the experience having only met @_me2_ and @herrsm previously but I have had longtime online friendships with @suppadupoa66, @east_mountain and @iancockayne. I had briefly connected with @davirasm earlier and I made a brand new connection with @fubiken. I now count them all as members of my growing Instagram family.

It was truly special for me to connect with another female photographer on this trip. @kalexanderson is a photographer I have been aware of for awhile, but since she is not active on Instagram our paths have not crossed before. I hope now that this will change because she is amazing. Anyone who shoots with a tilt shift lens is someone I want to learn from.

Today as well all return to our “normal” lives, we go forward richer for the memories we made, friendships formed and our course the photos we created.

In the coming weeks we will talk more about this amazing experience from different view points, from both the experienced photographer and the toy enthusiast alike.  I hope you will stick around as we share our stories and possibly be inspired to create your own meet up.

~ xxsjc

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