Pretty heady news that Chris Pratt and his gang of dinosaurs dominated the box office this weekend. Jurassic World was number one in all 66 markets it debuted in and had the second best US opening in history. Its world wide gross of $511.8 billion was the largest global box office opening of all time

Not bad for a group of dinosaurs.

Obviously this is good news for LEGO since its fun line of Jurassic World sets will be even more attractive. Chris Pratt continues to be appealing in LEGO form and who doesn’t love a good LEGO velociraptor?

I hope that Spielberg and Universal Pictures will enjoy their heady success for the next 186 days. Because when the much anticipated next installment of the Star Wars soap opera by JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm  and The Walt Disney Company hits the screen, I am pretty sure that record is going to be broken.

…and broken big.

~ xxSJC