Yesterday’s post by ME2 on a new LEGO ideas set featuring everyones favorite young detective Tintin certainly struck a cord. I think we would all love a few mini figs from that beloved series of comics to fly to the moon, traverse the jungle or invade the Death Star. The photographic possibilities are certainly exciting.

But what if the set doesn’t get its required 10,000 votes of support? What if LEGO doesn’t approve the set? What if the HERGE Foundation doesn’t want to play ball with LEGO and approval a deal? There are so many hurdles to overcome before this idea becomes a reality. What to do in the mean time?

If you are willing to move away from the purists view of mini figs, it turns out plenty.

I recently purchased the book Minifigure Customization and I am busy sawing, grinding and painting my plastic. (Gasp!) To give you some idea of what a revolutionary statement that is for me, I currently store my mini figs by series and theme, I rarely ever mix and match parts and if I do I immediately put them back to their original configuration. Anything less makes me anxious.

To go from that purist mind set to painting LEGO has been a leap of faith for me. Funny thing is, I like it! I enjoy the creative rush of making something with my hands. I think it’s just a matter of time before I am going full on custom like my friend Krash_Override.

This image of my daughter dressed for her high school graduation is my first customization. I made the cape (including prepping the cloth so it doesn’t fray), painted the mortar board and carved out the hair so the cap fit over her hair. I’m very pleased with the results.

Next up on my agenda will be few new weapons, maybe a custom light saber and certainly my own TinTin and Captain Haddock. Because with my new found willingness to get down and dirty with my plastic…I won’t have to wait for LEGO or the HERGE Foundation to make my next adventure a reality.

~ xxSJC

Have you ever tried your hand at a customized mini figure? 

How do you feel about taking a saw and paint brush to your plastic mini figures?