Leveling Up With LEGO

Shooting LEGO minifigs is like a game for me, a quest to improve my photography. I invent personas for these iconic plastic toys, build MOCs for them and create worlds around them. With each photo, I rack up experience points, trying to level up my photography. With each new level achieved, I unlock a new skill: shot setups get more creative, shooting becomes more intuitive, editing goes faster. It’s a fun game, this open-ended free roam game of LEGO photography, and I intend to become a powerful wizard. Continue reading Leveling Up With LEGO

Why? – Sbphotographs1

First off I’d like to thank Shelly for inviting me to contribute to the stunning world of Stuck in Plastic through the “Why?” series. I feel truly privileged, but also a little apprehensive. My reasons for taking up Toy Photography are something I wasn’t too sure about until I sat down to write this. Well, I’ve always known ‘why?’, but I’ve been in denial of those reasons, until now. Continue reading Why? – Sbphotographs1

Why? – The Short News

Almost every day of the week, I get up at 6:30am (grab coffee #1), trawl the internet for interesting news (while drinking coffee #2), create an image to represent the selected story using toys such as Lego, then post the edited picture on my website and various social media platforms along with a brief summary

…But why do I do it? Continue reading Why? – The Short News

Lego goes well with everything – even beer

Go to your fridge. Pick up a bottle of beer. Pour it in a glass.

For the past six years, I’ve been running a regular photo project: #30days30beers. This project is a daily photo pairing beer with representative LEGO mini figures. Continue reading Lego goes well with everything – even beer

Why? – by Handstand30

Why do I take photographs of minifigures?  Until Shelly invited me to write a post for the “Why?” series, I never gave this question much thought.  On the surface, the answer seems obvious: LEGO minifigures are fun photo subjects and I enjoy sharing the photos with the growing community of toy photographers on Flickr and other social media platforms. However, there must be another reason why I’m willing to spend long and often painful hours hunched over the camera on my kitchen table to create these photos and additional hours on the computer to edit them. Continue reading Why? – by Handstand30

How did Shelly do?

Shelly ask in her blogpost an open heart and an open mind: “How did I do, Kristina?” After some consideration I decided to reply with a blogpost 🙂 Suddenly I don’t know where to start; maybe I should start in Sweden, late last August on the Baltic Toy Safari, or should I start in May with the Seattle Toy Safari? Never mind I’ll start by saying I’m impressed with Shelly’s mission to take the opportunity of the safari to have an open mind and an open heart towards whatever happened. I will have to borrow that mission for the next Safari I attend. Continue reading How did Shelly do?


Today I woke up feeling very inspired and with a wonderful feeling of joy. So before getting out of bed, I decided to start my day reading the #StuckInPlastic blog. I then took a shower and set my guys in line to finish my post. As I always need some background noise to do anything so I set my Netflix on Eat, Pray and Love to keep me inspired. My mom says she thinks of me whenever she sees this movie and I can totally understand why. Continue reading Reborn

Toy Photo Safari recap from Father’s Figures

When I first saw the posts about this year’s Toy Photo Safari popping up in my Instagram feed, I knew I had to make an effort to attend. I wanted to attend the previous meet up in Las Vegas, but the resources and timing weren’t quite there.

Toy sharing was another highlight of the trip. I borrowed this T-rex and had to buy my own when I got home.

Continue reading Toy Photo Safari recap from Father’s Figures