Each new year feels like a blank slate full of possibilities. With that feeling of unlimited possibilities I like to set a few photography new year’s resolutions.

I’ve been talking about setting new year’s resolutions on the blog for more than a few years. These past resolutions include having more fun, five words to define a year and of course learning better technical skills. Brett and I even set one for the blog: create more opportunities to grow and support this community in 2018.

While I admire fellow photographers Kristina and Lizzi, who each recently completed major photo challenges, I need to be realistic about my time. I’ve already committed to coordinating the blog for another year, I’m starting a new business plus I have my own long term project I want to complete. So in the spirit of the new year and new beginnings I want to keep my photography new year’s resolutions small and manageable. Life is difficult enough without piling on challenges that I will only fail at.

If you’re like me and are looking for a little inspiration, maybe a challenge to give your toy photography structure, I’ve compiled a list of manageable toy photography related new year’s resolutions.

Possible Photography New Year’s Resolutions
  • Learn a new skill and practice it, like off camera flash, studio lighting, practical effects or editing. 
  • Start one long term project that is not a 365.
  • Print your photos in books or postcards and give them away.
  • Create work you love. Don’t create work for likes and followers on social media.
  • Take a class or workshop to expand your photography skills and meet other photographers in real life.
  • Join a photography group
  • Take risks, make mistakes, learn something and move on. Don’t be afraid to fail. 
  • Commit to visiting art museums for inspiration and education.
  • Read books about photography theory and history.
  • Create your own web site to showcase your work.
Other New Year’s Resolutions to consider
  • Be present in the moment. Sometimes you have to learn to put down the camera. 
  • Write down three new things your grateful for every day. Try this for three months and see what happens. 
  • Learn about G+ and join the G+ Toy Photographers Community. Because sometimes smaller is better.
  • Create a simple act of kindness for another toy photographer. You never know who’s life you might change for the better.
  • Join the 2018 Toy Photographers meet-up in May. because in the impersonal world of social media, meeting fellow toy photographers can be a life changing experience.

Where should we go this year?

Creating a photography new year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a burden. You can simply use your resolution (or resolutions) to help create a photography road map for your year. However you decide to celebrate this metaphorical new beginning, know that we will be here to support and inspire you.

On behalf of everyone here on the Toy Photography team:

Happy New Year!

Besides my one long term project, I’m committing to visiting a museum once a month. If you enjoy making new year’s resolutions, what have you committed to for 2018? 

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